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Family and Legacy Family and Legacy

Our Story

Family and legacy. Two things we value most.

Growing up, I lived a simple life. I was born and raised in Maryland, where my father worked as a steel worker during the day and a self employed attorney by night for over 40 years. As a kid, we didn’t have much, but we had each other. My father’s work ethic served to illuminate my own legacy.

I studied hard and was able

to scrape up some money to go to community college. After two years, I transferred to Towson University where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Finance. While in college, I met my beautiful wife, Shari. We’ve been married for over 30 years now. We bought our first home together in 1985. As young newlyweds, this was an enormous challenge and the bedrock for a stable environment to raise our three children.

In 1999, after ten years in consumer finance

I took a leap of faith to start my own business. Residential Mortgage Solutions was born. There were dozens of sleepless nights – heck, there still are today. But, this is a business of changing lives, and I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to help everyday people achieve financial freedom centered around the concept of homeownership.

Now I am proud to say

I am working alongside my oldest son, to expand under Cazle. We chose the name Cazle because we believe that It’s not just your home - it’s your castle. It’s where you retreat to relax, build your dynasty, and gather with those who matter most. We chose a unique spelling with a “Z” to show that, in addition to our long history, we’re also a modern brand - one that is professional, but personable, working at the speed of life, and using technology to improve service, not replace it.

What we’ve built here at Cazle

it’s a business we’re all proud of - it’s part of my legacy. We hope it will be part of building your legacy too.

President Cazle Mortgage, Ink.

our team of

We are a group of humans that love helping other humans. Meet our team of experienced professionals and learn what makes them tick.

Our Professionals Our Professionals
  • Barry Diggins

  • Jordan Diggins

    Business Development
  • James K. Patrick Sr

    Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Michael P. Caulfield

    Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Terri Dikes

    Head of Processing
  • Riley Collins

    Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Jackie Kahl

    Senior Project Facilitator
  • Chad Koslosky

    Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Vytis Kligys

    Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Gordon Hasslinger

    Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Vittorio Bongiorno

    Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Robin Spitzler

    Head of Disclosure
  • Julie Rassa

    Head of Licensing / Compliance
  • Tammie Brown

    Head of Post Closing
  • Kathleen DiLegge

    Head of Operations
  • Jeanette Hussain

    Head of Accounting / Finance
  • Lisa Steele

    Head of Underwriting
  • Robin Peters

    Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Barry is the owner of Cazle and is focused on scaling the business and setting the future direction of the firm. He is a hands - on leader who works closely with all departments. Barry has been in the financial services and mortgage industry since 1985. He quickly rose up the ranks at ITT Financial, and at only 26 was promoted to regional manager for a consumer financial services company where he supervised 7 branch offices throughout the state of Maryland, in charge of 75 people managing over $100 million worth of consumer finance receivables. At 29 he was asked to join a small group of executives to start a Mortgage Acquisitions Division for ITT. He opened 12 branches in the Midwest and East coast, closing just under a billion dollars a year in business in conventional and alternative financing. Barry sat on the board of directors as President for Retail Operations. In 1999, he founded Residential Mortgage Solutions (now Cazle) under the philosophy of meeting the needs and financial goals of every customer will be the #1 priority. Today, he is proud of his growing company and leading the team to bring better service, more efficient processes and an enhanced client experience. Barry’s own “Big Dream” is “to one day buy a home on the gulf-side of Florida and continue to run my business remotely while finding time to fish 4 to 5 days per week.”

  • Jordan graduated from the Terry College of Business and double majored in Risk Management Insurance & Real Estate. He began taking an interest in real estate at age 16, while working summers for his father. He started studying for his mortgage license the summer after graduating from high school and by the time he graduated college had passed all his licenses and was able to dive right in. Jordan represents a new generation of the Cazle dynasty with an objective to “make mortgages sexy.” Jordan is passionate about bringing awareness to the importance of smarter decision making and using mortgages as an investment vehicle to accumulate wealth. Jordan works on business development and establishing key relationships with realtors. He also plays an important role in the firm’s marketing and digitally transforming our organization’s IT to cloud based software. This allows for remote work capabilities, and more seamless mortgage experience for the borrower. Jordan’s own “Dream Big. Borrow Smart's vision is to “transform the mortgage industry as a young entrepreneur working alongside my father and taking our family business forward into many generations of success.”

  • Jim originally studied mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. He worked at Cordish, building out commercial developments across the various different types of asset classes. The experience gained here inspired him to expand his entrepreneurial horizons and purchase a portfolio of rental properties. He owns / manages 26 rental properties to this day. Jim started his relationship as a client of Cazle and felt so at home, that he decided to make Cazle his career home.The knowledge behind which properties to invest in, the process of acquiring a property, and the methodology behind remodeling a home (profitably) for sale or leasing relates back to the core of what Jim does as a Mortgage Loan Officer. He loves helping other passionate investors like himself make better financing decisions and believes in helping clients to “Dream Big. Borrow Smart” means educating them on each step, so they have the information they need to get the job done. Jim’s own “Big Dreams” include “finding a little place in the sun where I can have a big garage and restore old cars with my kids.”

  • Michael is a graduate of Shepherd University with a major in Hospitality. He’s a former All American Swimmer. He worked 25 years as a Senior Product Consultant for TriMark USA, one of the country's largest restaurant supply organizations. Michael sees many synergies between the mortgage industry and previous background. His work in business development interactions with culinary experts, business owners, and restaurateurs is comparable to establishing relations with realtors and clients. This hospitality approach to service is what attracted him to the mortgage industry. Whether its familiarity with state of the art commercial kitchen equipment or Government loan qualification guidelines, Mike is a firm believer that product knowledge and love of working with people is the key to success. Outside of work, Michael enjoys coaching his kids in multiple sports including basketball and swimming. His own “Big Dream” is to “one day experience the satisfaction of being thanked by one of his kids as they accept their MVP award on ESPN.”

  • Terri has been with the company for over 20 years and joined when we were originally Residential Mortgage Solutions. She’s excited about our current chapter as Cazle. Terri started out her career as a customer service representative and worked her way up the ladder to a department head. Terri works hand in hand with our Operations Manager (Kathleen) in helping loans move through the pipeline. She’s also involved in “final stages” of a loan before it closes. Terri has amazing attention to detail and makes sure that all the i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed to ensure that disclosures are accurate. She’s a master “juggler” making sure that many different loans, at many different stages (all with their own deadlines), are taken care of and no balls are dropped. Terri’s older son, Chris, also works at Cazle - and she’s delighted to see her children following in her footsteps in the mortgage industry. Terri’s own 'Big Dream', as her sons expand their families, is to “watch over her grandchildren”. Who knows? Maybe the third generation of Cazle team members are being raised right now.

  • Riley’s transition to the mortgage industry began shortly after graduating from The University of Maryland Smith School of Business with a degree in finance and a minor in economics. Before joining Cazle, Riley worked in Wells Fargo Advisors wealth management division and in asset management at Edward Jones. Riley brought his strong background in financial advising to Cazle. In Riley’s previous role as a financial analyst he used all the different types of investment vehicles (stocks, bonds, life insurance, 401K, etc.) to develop the best possible strategy for the client (taking into account one’s age, financial goals, risk tolerance, etc.). Much like asset management, as a Mortgage Loan Officer, Riley develops financial strategies that work in the best interest of his clients, with a narrower scope of real estate finance. He believes the most important part of every conversation is listening and gathering all the details, which allows him to give borrowers different options and ultimately help them “Dream Big. Borrow Smart.” Riley’s own “big dreams” include “having a real estate portfolio with investment properties and my own property next to a golf course where I can unwind with a game that I love.”

  • Jackie is new to the mortgage industry, but has over 20 years in marketing and servicing clients. As the company’s Senior Project Facilitator, her “clients” are the Cazle team. She loves the "above and beyond" approach everyone at Cazle puts into each and every client file. She enjoys working with the staff and continuing to make Cazle a great place to work as we grow. Jackie’s role is critical in protecting the firm’s assets and the people that work here- upholding the standards we’ve put in place to live up to our reputation as a customer-first company. Jackie sits on the board of her Homeowners Association understands both personally and professionally the importance of homeownership. She is also a current Board Member for the Military Family Relief Fund - MidAtlantic. She shares our passion for supporting military families and veterans which we do through our VA loans. When asked to reflect on how the Cazle “Dream Big. Borrow Smart's motto applies to her personally to her own “big dream” she shared that “some day I dream of her having my own castle - except it would actually be a farm with a barn for my favorite animals and a top of the line woodshop for my hobby”.

  • Chad considers himself more than just a Mortgage Loan Originator; he takes pride in being a purchase money loan specialist. Chad’s approach to every transaction resembles the mindset of an underwriter- being proactive and anticipating obstacles before they arise allows him to stay one step ahead. He specializes in harnessing relationships with buyers, agents, and listing agents, coordinating efforts, to make everything come together. He makes himself available nights and weekends with one goal in mind- to ensure that borrowers feel informed and confident by the time they make it to the settlement table. Chad also owns several investment properties himself, so his deep knowledge of real estate finance comes first hand. His commitment to our promise of “Dream Big.Borrow Smart” means making sure borrowers feel informed and confident by the time they make it to the settlement table. Chad’s own “big dream” is to “leave my mark on this world. Doing something bigger than myself; something my wife and kids can be proud of.” Based on the difference he makes for his customers, we have no doubt this dream will become a reality.

  • Vytis attended the University of South Florida and majored in Finance. He was previously a Mortgage Loan Originator for 10 years and then was able to realize his dream of working from home and watching his two sons grow up. Over the course of his time at home as a stay at home dad, Vytis developed a passion for day trading. He grew particularly fond of the real estate sector and how technology would impact the future of the industry. When his wife decided to get her realtors license, Vytis jumped on the opportunity to join an up and coming company that allowed him to revisit his former profession. Now as a member of the Cazle team, Vytis looks forward to rekindling many of his former professional relationships and harnessing the power of technology in the new digital age to better help his clients achieve their real estate objectives. In his spare time, Vytis manages an equestrian farm (along with lots of other animals because the family loves animals). Vytis’ “Big Dream” is to “continue to instill the same values of accountability & hard work in his boys living on a farm - and maybe someday a second Castle on a beach”.

  • Gordon is a graduate of James Madison University with a degree in Healthcare Administration and a minor in Business. He worked 2 years as a Business Process Consultant at Aptive Resources in Arlington, VA. Gordon’s prior experience in identifying and developing business strategies to improve operational efficiency for clients relates to the core of what he does in his position as a Mortgage Loan Officer. His strength lies in his ability to pinpoint the objective of the client, communicate to, and consult with the borrower to accomplish the task at hand. As a Mortgage Loan Originator, he enjoys guiding borrower's through the unknown water's of the mortgage industry, educating them and helping them to be comfortable with the borrowing process. He believes “listening well” is one of his superpowers. His approach to “Dream Big. Borrow Smart” is to always fully understand the borrower's situation and goals and to apply creative thinking to guide clients around obstacles. Gordon’s own “Big Dream” is to “one day live in Key Largo and go fishing and shark diving on a weekly basis with my family”.

  • Vittorio was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, and a father of two sons. He graduated from The University of Baltimore with a bachelor's degree in international business/finance. As an experienced loan originator, he allocates most of his pipeline towards the purchase market. He takes pride in getting complicated loans across the finish line as well as making sure his clients are satisfied with his customer service through all refinance and purchase transactions. Vittorio is multilingual and loves to travel. He loves helping people of different nationalities, and backgrounds make smarter decisions about their finances. His multi-lingual abilities means he can work with Cazle clients in their native language - whether that;s English, Spanish, Italian or Romanian - to “Dream Big. Borrow Smart”. Vittorio’s personal “Big Dream” is to “own my own second vacation ‘castle’ and several investment properties.” He also strives to set a good example for his 2 young sons, raising them with the same upbringing as himself- experiencing new things, different places, and cultures.

  • Robin is the friendly face of Cazle, she is the first person our clients see when they come into the office and she loves being at the front desk to make everyone feel comfortable. A self described “people person” she’s been in the mortgage/title business for 35 years. Robin supports our mission of helping Cazle clients “Dream Big. Borrow Smart” through the important work of overseeing both internal and external documentation pertaining to mortgage specific disclosures. She loves being on top of all of the details, ensuring that title work, payment information, and RESPA / TILA compliance are all in check. Robin’s own “Big Dream” is to “have her own “castle on wheels” - an RV - to travel and explore the country.

  • Julie has been part of the Cazle Mortgage team since 2003. Over the course of her 20 years in the financial services industry, Julie’s role has progressed into what resembles a modern day risk management professional. Ensuring that state specific and national compliance standards are met is only part of the gig. Anything that pertains to quality control of the loans that we originate also falls under Julie’s jurisdiction. She works hard to achieve the perfect balance between originating profitable loans, putting the interests of the firm's clientele first (ethical decision making), and ensuring that all regulatory compliance guidelines are followed. We are grateful to have Julie’s talent working on behalf of Cazle’s clients. While these rules exist to protect the public, navigating them can be extremely challenging. An avid believer of giving back, Julie’s “Big Dream” is to “adopt several children with special needs and surround them with love”.

  • Tammie began her career in financial services when she joined Cazle in 2007. As the person in charge of the post closing department, Tammie’s role in the loan process predominantly focuses after settlement when the loan is to be bought and sold in the secondary market as a mortgage backed security (MBS). More specifically, her department is in constant communication with the various funding departments of our pool of investors in which we do business. Although Tammy supports more of our back end office and does not have direct contact with clients, she plays a vital role in delivering the company promise of “Dream Big. Borrow Smart”. Tammie enjoys knowing that she has helped someone achieve their dream of home ownership or refinancing and has helped them save money. She loves the close knit culture at Cazle and the feeling that co-workers are more like family. Her own “Big Dream” is to “one day retire to a farm in the mountains. Growing my own food and playing with farm animals all day!”.

  • Kathleen is Operations Manager at Cazle and has been with the company over 20 years. Day to day, she oversees various departments within our organization to assure the loans that the company originates progresses through the various stages of the mortgage process. Prior to her experience in the mortgage industry, Kathleen was a Lieutenant in the fire department. Today, her commitment to servicing the local Baltimore community lives through the continued reinforcement of the financial benefits of homeownership. Over the course of her tenure with the company, she believes that the quality of our internal operations has been the driver behind the Cazle promise of “Dream Big. Borrow Smart.” Her own “Big Dreams” include “continue to lead by example for my two boys, Max and Landon, to show them there is no greater gift than the gift of helping others.”

  • Having worked at several large banking institutions since 2002, Jeanette joined Cazle looking for a more close knit work family. She loves the positive, upbeat work environment that ultimately motivates her to take pride in the very important role that she plays within our organization. In a nutshell, Jeanette is tasked with overseeing the inflow and outflow of company funds. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, and strategic management of Cazle’s warehouse credit lines are only a few responsibilities that fall underneath Jeanette's umbrella. She plays an important role in quality control, and managing and protecting the company’s funds - helping us to work smart in today’s tech environment. She loves the respectful and positive work environment and takes pride in her work in helping Cazle Clients “Dream Big. Borrow Smart.” Jeanette’s husband is from Pakistan and she has roots in the Middle East. Her own longterm “Big Dream'' is “to travel with my husband to the many exciting places we’ve never been and further explore her roots and heritage.”

  • As an underwriter, most of Lisa’s work is behind the scenes, but the results have a clear and positive impact on the lives of new homeowners each and every month. Lisa’s responsibility is to evaluate whether the risk of originating a mortgage loan meets certain industry specific guidelines. She works hard to put the loan together and get to the point where the borrowers are able to close. Lisa has worked in key operational positions in this industry (Processor, Closer, Post-Closer, Auditor) and appreciates what each position deals with in terms of getting a loan done. She has worked hard to learn all the different aspects of this industry with regards to Wholesale, Retail, Government and Subprime lending. From pre-underwriting to processing to underwriting she loves working as part of the tight Cazle team that always puts customers first, prioritizes ethical decision making and rewards and recognizes the hard work of its employees. The decisions Lisa makes on a daily basis are vital to helping borrowers “Dream Big. Borrow Smart.” Lisa's long term “Big Dream” is to combine her passions of photography, hiking and learning Korean and “ travel to South Korea, do a walking tour, and really get to know the people and culture.”

  • Robin was one of the first loan officers to join the RMS team in 1999. She prides herself in making customer service her number one priority. She has 30 plus years of customer service and sales experience and has been recognized as one of our Top Producers for the last 18 years. She is licensed in 15 states and has won the “Top Originator of the Year Award” 3 years’ straight. Robin’s personal slogan is “communication is key!” Keeping her clients informed has been her secret to success for the past 18 years. Robin’s “Big Dream” is to bask on the sunny beaches of Destin Florida.” She just purchased a beachfront condominium and loves it. She also rents this out as an investment property -which gives her further insight to her clients who are also looking for their dream properties - for investments and to enjoy.

our team
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At Cazle, we’re the
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We’ve been around since 1999 (so we’ve weathered the market ups and downs) but we’re in a new phase of growth and we’re investing in the future. We’ve still got a small company, family feel but with a proven process and lots of resources to help the company (and our team members) grow. Here’s the best part, you don’t have any experience in the mortgage industry to join us. If you love to learn and have the right attitude - we’ll train you.
And if you do know your way around a loan, we’d like to talk to you too. We’ve got some immediate openings in sales and processing.


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